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As a team we are proud of our partners, projects and collaborations. As a independent third party, we are able to link various parties together. Due to our own (technical) knowledge, Neroa can act appropriately as an intermediary in sustainable logistics and energy systems. To give an example of what makes us unique, an overview of some of our projects is given below. 


Construcion logisticsGroningen

The municipality of Groningen is making the transition to emission free city logistics in 2025, which has impact on several sectors; construction-logistics as well. Neroa is asked by the municipality of Groningen to lead the process of informing construction companies and stimulating them to act upon these measures of sustainable logistics. Neroa has done this by organizing various webinars, starting with a informative webinar (what do these plans mean? What is possible, wat is not?). Next to this, a webinar is being organized where entrepreneurs from the sector show measures that they have taken with regards to sustainable logistics. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs in this webinar are invited to follow this webinar up. This follow-up has aimed to set up pilots to learn about sustainable logistics from practice.

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