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"Neroa is the innovation catalyst in the world of sustainability and logistics. By acting as a neutral third party as a process leader, with substantive knowledge in technology, Neroa can bridge the gap between government, education and entrepreneurs."

—  Jeroen Jansen



Inhabitants of the municipality of Ooststellingwerf have gotten insight in their energy usage due to the implementation of the open source energy management system of Neroa. In cooperation with TNO, this system is developed and handed over to the municipality. Want to know more? Click here!



IANOS is a European project. Neroa works in this project by incorporating energy related devices on Ameland on the so called ‘DefPi-platform’, to be able to use the energy-flexibility for the benefit of the island. More info? Click here!


Conceptdevelopment hub

The municipality of Groningen is making the transition to emission-free logistics in the inner city by 2025. Neroa helps entrepreneurs in the inner city to make this transition possible, through the development of new concepts. Curious how? Click here!

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